Facebook Questions. This provides a great way for bars and restaurants to increase customer interaction.

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How a bar or restaurant can use Facebook Questions effectively

Facebook recently released a new version of Facebook Questions. This provides a great way for bars and restaurants to increase customer interaction.

Facebook Questions is a feature that allows Facebook users to post questions and gather answers from their friends and other Facebook users. Facebook Questions can range from “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” to “What’s a great restaurant in Columbus?”

Facebook explains Facebook Questions as a way to learn from your friends, see where people stand, and share what you know. But for a bar or restaurant, it can be much more than that. Questions is a way to gather feedback, increase engagement and draw attention.

Facebook Questions is extremely easy to use, even from a Fan Page. You simply need to visit Facebook.com/Questions and begin posting.

Gather Feedback

This gives bars and restaurants the opportunity to survey customers and get feedback. You can gather feedback your service, your customers favorite menu items, or what they think a new special should be named. The possibilities are endless.

For example, we posed a funny question on the Facebook Page of our client, Schmidt’s. We asked their Fans which menu item they would choose if stranded on a desert island. In less than 24 hours, we received 166 responses. That’s 166 fans on Facebook who now have a link to this question on their Profile for each of their friends to see. According to Facebook, we each have an average of 150 friends on Facebook, meaning this question and Schmidt’s brand has the potential to be seen and clicked through to by 24,900 different people. NOW are you interested?!

Increase Engagement

Beyond gathering important feedback, Facebook Questions can also be used to get customers involved and increase engagement. Bars and restaurants have the opportunity to ask relevant trivia questions, opinions about popular topics and anything else to get customers interacting.

We posted a humorous question on behalf of another client, Pulse Nite Club. We asked fans if they’d rather have no legs and be unable to dance at Pulse, or have no arms and be unable to drink at Pulse. A whimsical question (not intended to offend anyone…)


As you can see, Facebook Questions can be a great way to show your sense of humor and start a conversation.

Draw Attention

One of the best things about Facebook Questions is that it’s viral in nature. Every time a user answers a question, it will appear on their wall and in their friends’ timelines. When a user answers a question posted by your bar or restaurant, their friends will see it and want to check out your page.


Facebook Questions is a great way to show your customers that you care about what they have to say. Try out different types of questions and see what gets the best response. You might just learn something new.

About the author

Barry Chandler works with bars and restaurants to bring more customers in the door through effective use of social media, online tools and customer engagement.


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